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Golf University is the world’s premier Golf Improvement Program for passionate beginner to advanced level amateur golfers.

We provide world class technical instruction, drills, practice plans, course management and mindset based golf coaching programs, delivered by some of the world’s best players, coaches and experts via the internet and our golf schools.

Golf University also licenses our Golf Instruction and Golf Travel Content and our Golf Improvement Programs, Workshops / Tournaments and Tours to Television Networks, Websites, Blogs, Magazines and Golf Clubs.

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Meet Andrew McCombe

Andrew “Mirror” McCombe is the CEO of Golf University.

Andrew has a Bachelor of Physical Education degree from Otago University in New Zealand and is a former athlete (representing both Australia and New Zealand), personal trainer, author, speaker and business coach and is now the recognised Producer, Director, Presenter and CEO of Golf Getaway – Australia’s (and possibly the world’s) only Golf Travel Television Show.

Andrew is passionate about golf and co-creating programs with some of the world’s best players, coaches and experts to help golfers of all levels increase their golfing consistency, performance and enjoyment.

Meet our Coaches

Mark Gibson is a two time Australian PGA Teacher of the Year, three time PGA Queensland Teacher of the Year and  is the owner of Mark Gibson’s Exceptional Golf Centre at RACV Royal Pines Resort on the Gold Coast.

Mark has been a PGA Golf Professional Member Since 1980 and holds a PGA Triple AAA Classification.

Mark is also a Member of the PGA Management Committee, a Lecturer for Griffith University Golf Management Undergraduate Degree Courses and is a PGA Professional Development Program Presenter.

Mark believes there is no better sight than the smile of a struggling player hit that super shot and this philosophy has unpins Mark’s coaching career from those just starting out to the Elite Professionals.

Matt Cleverdon is the Director of Instruction at the world renowned Kingston Heath Golf Club, former Victorian PGA Teaching Professional of the year and head of the Matt Cleverdon Golf Academy in Chengdu China

Matt is an Australian AAA PGA member and delivers simple and effective golf instruction to his growing client base in Australia and Asia.

Matt also coaches several tour winners and elite players on the One Asia, Ladies European, US LPGA and Korean tours.

He also works with a number of players on the Australian National Team.

“I believe that giving the player a concept is the foundation for all other instruction” Matt Cleverdon

Lawrie Montague is the former Australian National Women’s Team coach and has also coached tens of thousands of amateur as well as world top ten players.

Lawrie is currently the co-coach of the Indonesian Golf Team and is also the co-director of the Pro Tour Golf College at Joondalup Golf Resort in Perth and Indonesia.

“I’ve never met an amateur golfer who couldn’t significantly improve their game as long as they receive golf instruction that is communicated to them in their favored learning style.”

David Milne is a two-time Australian and West Australian PGA Teacher of the Year and has coached 2 world number one amateurs

David is also the co-coach of the Indonesian Golf Team with Lawrie Montague as well as the co-director of the Pro Tour Golf College at Joondalup Golf Resort in Perth and Indonesia.

“People learn how to play golf and it’s not just about  having a perfect swing, so creating a learning environment for amateurs to improve is the key to my coaching philosophy.”

Grant Field

Grant Field is a Queensland PGA Teacher of the Year and coach of upcoming PGA Tour Super Star – Cameron Smith.

Grant has also been the Queensland Junior Coach for the past 6 years and Queensland Academy of Sport Assistant Coach and the Owner of the Australian Golf Performance Centre based at both Twin Waters and Pelican Waters Golf Resorts.

Alani Storm Mala

Alani “Storm” Mala has a Bachelor of Physical Education from Otago University in New Zealand and is the internationally renowned Strength and Conditioning Coach and Owner of www.StormFitt.Com

Storm is also Golf University’s and Golf Getaway’s resident Strength and Conditioning Coach and a passionate golfer!

“I’m a golf-mad fitness trainer, with a passion to help others achieve their golf fitness potential”

Andre Stolz

Andre Stolz is one of Australia’s most popular professional golfers, a regular guest on the Golf Getaway television show and is the resident touring pro at Golf University.

Andre has played and won 10 events worldwide on the PGA Tour of Australasia, European, Japan, Nationwide, PGA and One Asia Tours, including winning the 2004 Michelin Championship at Las Vegas,  the Thailand Open, Indonesia PGA and was the 2011 One Asia Order of Merit winner.

In 2013, Andre and Zac became the first father-son duo since 1979 (Gary and Wayne Player) to compete at the Australian Open.

“Being self-taught I am fully aware of the trials and tribulations we all experience trying to master this great game and ultimately I just want to share my knowledge and experience to help golfers avoid the struggles and ease their pain so their game can grow more effortlessly.” Andre Stolz

Dan McLaughlin Photo

Dan McLaughlin decided, at 30 years old, to quit his day job and become a professional golfer.  The only issue was that he had zero experience in the sport, having never actually played 18 holes of golf.

So, he started The Dan Plan, an experiment in one human’s potential.  The ultimate goal?  To see what is possible through 10,000 hours of highly focused practice. He has been writing about his experiences and recording statistics since the project began in April, 2010.

Currently, Dan is somewhere on a golf course or driving range doing what he has been doing for the past 4.5 years, and loving every minute of it.  Dan has made it down to a 2.5 handicap and continues to improve.

“Through years of research and dedicating myself to practicing golf I have become an expert in how to effectively and efficiently practice and want to share that knowledge to help golfers accelerate their goals.” Dan McLaughlin

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Golf University’s Video Lesson Programs are designed in conjunction with our students and provide world class technical and drill based video golf coaching programs, delivered by some of the world’s best players, coaches and experts via the internet. Learn More



Short Game Mastery Workshops / Tournaments in 2016

Golf University in conjunction with some of Australia’s best Teaching Professionals will be running a series of 2 and 3 day Short Game Mastery Workshops / Tournaments to help take your Short Game to a whole new level.

Located at some of Australia’s best Golf Courses and Resorts throughout 2016. Learn More...


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