Golf University is the world’s premier Golf Improvement Programs, Lessons & Golf Schools for Passionate Golfers.

Designed in conjunction with our students Golf University is the vision of former athlete, personal trainer, author, speaker, business coach and recognised Producer, Director, Presenter and CEO of Golf Getaway – Australia’s (and possibly the world’s) only Golf  Travel Television Show – Andrew “Mirror” McCombe.

Golf University provides world class technical and drill based golf coaching programs, delivered by some of the world’s best players, coaches and experts via the internet, workshops, & golf schools including:

  • Chipping
  • Pitching
  • Bunker Play
  • Putting
  • Irons
  • Woods and Hybrids
  • Driving
  • Distance
  • Short Game
  • Long Game
  • Challenging Lies
  • Shot Shaping
  • Club Fitting
  • Inner Golf
  • Golf Fitness
  • Golf Flexibility
  • Shot Shaping
  • Golf Mastery
  • Search 4 Scratch

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