Imagine having a Driving Game that Gives You Greater Accuracy, Distance, Control and Consistency and that Gets You Closer to Your Target on the Fairway Every Time!

IMAGINE… finally learning to hit your driver straighter and longer more often – with a consistent and replicatable technique!

IMAGINE… shaving strokes off your game simply because you’re hitting more fairways in regulation!

Well it’s time to stop imagining... 

Golf University in conjunction with two-time Australian and West Australian PGA Teacher of the Year – David Milne have created a Driving solution that will build greater Consistency and Confidence in your game and it’s called the Driving Mastery Program and it’s the Secret to your Distance, Accuracy, Control and Consistency with your Driving.


David  has coached 2 world number one amateurs and is also the co-coach of the Indonesian Golf Team as well as the co-director of the Pro Tour Golf College at Joondalup Golf Resort in Perth and Indonesia and coach at Golf University.


The Driving Mastery Program, includes:

  • The Driving Mastery Technique Video that you can use as the corner stone to your driving technique
  • The How to Increase Your Driving Distance and Direction Videos
  • 11 Driver Shot Shaping Videos, like
  • How to play a High, Low and Standard Draw
  • How to play a High, Low and Standard Fade
  • How to Play a Low Runner and...
  • How to Hit into the Wind.

Plus Bonus Videos, such as

  • How to Eliminate a Slice or a Hook
  • How to Overcome Your Physical and Age Restrictions – such as a Bad Back or Sore Knees and Ankles
  • How High to Tee the Ball in Different Conditions as well as...
  • How to Analyse and Self Correct Your Technique at the Range or During a Round

...and so much more!

Now Only $9.95 Per Month Or $99 Per Year (2 Months Free)

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The 19th Hole Members Receive:

  • Every episode of the world’s favourite golf travel show Golf Getaway, plus new Episodes and bonus Content that we add on a regular basis.
  • All of the Golf University Skill Mastery Video Programs and the complete Video Lesson Library with some of the world’s best Golf Instructors and Players as your Personal Coaches.
  • The Search 4 Scratch Documentary, which follows 6 Amateurs in their quest to find out how Good a Golfer they can Be with the Best Technical and Course Management Coaching, an Effective Practice Plan & a Champion Mindset.
  • Member Only Discounts on Tournaments, Skill Mastery Workshops, Programs and Golf Schools which you will be invited to via email as they become available.

...Plus we'll notify you every time we add a new video or episode

Only $9.95 per month or $99 per year (2 months free)

Subscribe NowOnly $9.95 Per Month

Subscribe NowOnly $99 Per Year (2 Months Free)

We've been told we're CRAZY to give away so much value for such a minor investment.  But as you'll see, it's all worth it to help make YOU a better golfer! And at Golf University that's our mission and our passion.


The 23 Videos in the Driving Mastery Program are accessible on the internet – on your Personal Computer, iPad / Tablet or Smartphone, which means you can watch them at home, the office or even at the golf course, 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.

Think of Golf University's Driving Mastery Program as like having your own Personal Golf Pro!

But you have to act fast!

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Now Only $9.95 Per Month Or $99 Per Year (2 Months Free)

Subscribe NowOnly $9.95 Per Month

Subscribe NowOnly $99 Per Year (2 Months Free)

Finally you've found the solution to increasing the Consistency, Control and Confidence with your Driver - it's called the Driving Mastery Program.