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The Secret Golf Flexibility Solution Designed To Eliminate Muscle & Joint Stiffness, Fatigue & Soreness, whilst Increasing the Range of Motion, Flexibility & Distance from Your Golf Swing!

IMAGINE...having the flexibility to increase the speed, power and distance from your golf swing, regardless of your age!

IMAGINE...not being stiff and sore after a round of golf because your muscles and joints can handle the physical pressure of a tough game of golf!

IMAGINE...having the flexibility of a golfer half your age!

IMAGINE...the amount of injuries you would reduce by having this flexibility!

Well it’s time to stop imagining…

Golf University in conjunction with internationally renowned strength and conditioning coach – Alani "Storm" Mala have created a stretching solution that is going to help you become more Flexible, Powerful and Confident with your body and the performance of your golf swing.

Alani Storm Mala

It’s called the Golf Flexibility Mastery Program and it’s designed to help you eliminate your muscle and joint stiffness, fatigue and soreness whilst also increasing the range of motion, flexibility and distance from your golf swing – which will ultimately lower your scores – so you can enjoy your golf a whole lot more!


The Golf Flexibility Mastery Program includes:

  • 12 Golf Specific Stretching Exercises designed to Increase your Flexibility and Range of Motion in the most important muscles used in the golf swing, such as the Legs, Hips, Lower and Upper Back regions
  • A Very Easy to Follow 8 minute Flexibility Program that you can perform before, during or after a round of golf – you can even perform it at home, the gym or in the office.

You’ll also learn how to...

  • Further Reduce your Stress, Tension and Injuries - with 5 Bonus Self Massage Videos.

...and so much more! button-blue RememberYou’ll get lifetime access to all 14 videos for less than you’d pay for a quarter of an hour session with a Personal Trainer! Plus we'll also give you:

  • Access to over 65 Episodes of Golf Getaway - imagine watching shows at Royal Melbourne, Kingston Heath, Bonville, Hamilton Island, Cape Kidnappers, and Fiji's famous Natadola Bay to name a few plus...
  • Bonus content not shown on TV
  • Pre-Launch Discounts on all of our Golf University Programs - such as the Chipping, Putting, Pitching, Driving, Irons, Woods and Hybrids, Shot Shaping, Tough Shots, Inner Golf, Distance and Golf Fitness Mastery Video Programs created with some of Australia's and the world's leading golf and performance coaches.
  • Member only invites and discounts on Golf University Skill Mastery Workshops and...
  • Member only invites and discounts on Golf Getaway Tours and amazing Golf Courses.

We've been told we're CRAZY to give away so much value for such a minor investment.  But as you'll see, it's all worth it to help make YOU a better golfer! And at Golf University that's our mission and our passion.Golf_University_Flexibility_Mastery_All The videos in the Golf Flexibility Mastery Program are accessible on the internet – on your Personal Computer, iPad / Tablet or Smartphone, which means you can watch them at home, the office, the gym or even at the golf course, 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.

Think of Golf University's Golf Flexibility Mastery Program as like having your own Personal Trainer!

But you have to act fast!

This offer is only available for a limited time - so don't delay! Simply click the link below for full access.

only $27