Gain More Consistency, Control and Confidence with Your Driving, Woods, Hybrids and Iron Game at the Golf University Long Game Mastery Workshop / Tournament in the Natural Bushland Surrounds of Riverside Oaks Golf Resort from May 14-15, 2016


Golf University in conjunction with some of Australia’s leading teaching professionals have created a Long Game solution that will build greater Consistency and Confidence in your game – it’s called the Long Game Mastery Workshop and it’s the secret to your Pin-Point Accuracy, Control and Consistency with your Driving, Woods, Hybrids and Iron Play.

IMAGINE…having a Driving game that gives you Greater Accuracy, Distance, Control and Consistency and that Gets You Closer to Your Target Every Time!

IMAGINE…finally learning to hit your Irons Longer and Straighter more often – with a consistent and replicatable technique.

IMAGINE…dominating doglegs, trees, out of bounds, and hazards because you know how to shape the ball around them once and for all.

IMAGINE…shaving strokes off your game simply because you’re hitting more fairways and greens in regulation!

Well it’s time to stop imagining because the secret is in your long game – off the tees and fairways!

The Long Game Mastery Workshop includes a 2 hour Long Game Mastery Class on day one and a 3 hour Long Game Mastery Class on day two and will cover:

  • A Fundamental Set-Up Technique Lesson for the Driver, the Woods and Hybrids and your Irons.
  • How to Vary Your Ball Flights with Each Club (such as the Hitting the ball High, Low and with a Draw and Fade), so you can apply them to different playing conditions on the golf course

Plus we’ll also address:

  • How to Eliminate a Slice and/or a Hook

You will also learn and perform:

  • Specific practice drills designed to fast track your improvement and that you can use as part of your practice routine once you leave the workshop.


  • You’ll also get to send in any questions or challenges you have before the Workshop so we can tailor the sessions with your requirements in mind and ensure that your Long Game improvement is permanent.


  • After the Long Game Mastery Class each day, we’ll play 18 holes of Golf on the idyllic natural bushland surrounds of Riverside Oaks Golf Resort’s two Championship Golf Courses, which will also double as a two day golf tournament, with a twist!
    You’ll get to test out all of your new Long Game Skills and win prizes at the same time.

But Hurry…

 The Golf University Long Game Mastery Workshop is Limited to ONLY 25 Players

 Guaranteeing you receive highly personalized attention.

 Register below to avoid disappointment!

Dates / Times:

Saturday May 14, 2016

Class starts at: 8am

Golf Tournament starts at: 12 noon – 4.30pm

Sunday May 15, 2016

Class starts at: 8.00am

Golf Tournament starts at: 12 noon – 4.30pm

Prize Presentation: 4.30pm

Golf Course:

Riverside Oaks Golf Resort


Riverside Oaks Golf Resort is Sydney’s only 36 hole championship golf resort set amongst 587 acres of pristine Australian bushland overlooking the magnificent Hawkesbury River and only a short 60 minute drive north west of Sydney.


Riverside Oaks Golf Resort, 74 O’Briens Rd, Cattai NSW 2756

Package Options:

Golf University Workshop / Tournament : $440


  • 2 day Golf University Long Game Mastery Workshop 
  • 2 Rounds of Golf with shared cart
  • Tournament Entry                      

How to Register:

Download the Registration Form Here and email to or post to Golf University at PO Box 1229, Manly, NSW, Australia 1655

Click Here To Pay Online (a 2.6% Credit Card Fee will apply)

For other enquiries contact 1300 886 127

Only 25 playing spots are available so BOOK NOW to avoid disappointment!

Frequently Asked Questions

1)    Cancellation Policy – As we have to pay and organise the golf coaches, courses and facilities in advance, if you need to cancel your registration with in 7 days we cannot refund your money. It is highly recommended that all participants organize Travel Insurance to cover any costs of event, air fare and accommodation bookings relating to the workshops – if you have any concerns please enquire at the time of your booking.

2)      Do I need an official handicap to participate? No – the emphasis of the workshops / tournaments is on learning (more than the tournament itself  – which is more about keeping you focused on what you have learned and playing on great golf courses) so you do not need an official handicap – If you do not have a handicap we will make one up for you for the tournament.

3)      I have only just started playing golf recently, can I still register and will the workshops be relevant to me? Absolutely the workshops are all about learning and growing as a golfer and all tuition will be applicable to all levels – we will also aim to match you up with playing partners of similar playing ability in the tournament.

4)      What is your wet weather policy? The workshops will go ahead regardless of weather (so bring wet weather gear) but if the course is unplayable for the tournament component the golf course / resort will usually give a credit to either play the course at a later date / or a refund – depending on the terms and conditions of the course being played. *Because each course is different and if you are still concerned please ask at the time of booking and we will finalise the weather policy with the course at the time.

5)      What is the ratio of coaches  to students? This is decided depending on the number of registrations. We want you to receive as much value from and time with the coach as possible so usually if we get more than 16 students we will aim to get another coach, however Golf University reserves the right to decide this if and when we choose is appropriate.

6)      What if I am a member at the golf course you are running the workshop(s) – do I have to pay for the green fee component? Usually the golf course will refund the golf rounds component (minus golf cart – depending on their memberships arrangement) – please ask at the time of booking if you are a member and we will check with the golf course and then invoice you appropriately.

7)      What happens if the workshop / tournament is cancelled? Obviously our intent is for the workshop(s) never to be cancelled but if we do not get the forecasted numbers (or there are any unforeseen circumstances) we will make a call at least 7 days prior to the workshop. It is highly recommended that all participants organize Travel Insurance to cover any air fare or accommodation bookings relating to the workshops and we would refund any workshop or green fees (depending on the golf courses terms and conditions) – if you have any concerns please enquire at the time of your booking.

8)      If I register as an Early Bird, when do I get my bonus videos? A link to the bonus videos (which are view-able online via your computer, tablet or smart phone) will be sent to you in an email within a week of the workshop – there will also be other opportunities to buy other Golf University Skill Mastery Video Series at the workshops as a DVD and / or as online videos.

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