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Short Game Mastery Program www.golfuniversity.tv/shortgamemasteryprogram

(which includes: Putting Mastery Program, Chipping Mastery Program, Bunker Mastery Program and Pitching Mastery Program)

Putting Mastery Program www.golfuniversity.tv/puttingmasteryprogram 

Chipping Mastery Program www.golfuniversity.tv/golfuniversitychippingmasteryprogram

Bunker Mastery Program www.golfuniversity.tv/bunkermasteryprogram

Pitching Mastery Program www.golfuniversity.tv/pitchingmasteryprogram

Inner Golf Mastery www.golfuniversity.tv/innergolfmasteryprogram

Tough Shots Mastery www.golfuniversity.tv/toughshotsmasteryprogram

Driving Mastery www.golfuniversity.tv/drivingmasteryprogram

Iron Mastery www.golfuniversity.tv/ironmasteryprogram

Woods and Hybrids Mastery www.golfuniversity.tv/woodsandhybridsmasteryprogram

Distance Mastery www.golfuniversity.tv/distancemasteryprogram

(which includes: Distance Mastery Program, Golf Fitness Mastery Program and Golf Flexibility Mastery Program)

Long Game Mastery www.golfuniversity.tv/longgamemasteryprogram

(which includes: Driving Mastery Program, Iron Mastery Program, Shot Shaping Mastery Program and Woods & Hybrids Mastery Program)

Shot Shaping Mastery www.golfuniversity.tv/shotshapingmasteryprogram

Golf Fitness Mastery www.golfuniversity.tv/golffitnessmasteryprogram

Golf Flexibility Mastery www.golfuniversity.tv/golfflexibilitymasteryprogram

Total Golf Fitness Mastery www.golfuniversity.tv/totalgolffitnessmasteryprogram

(which includes: Golf Fitness Mastery Program and Golf Flexibility Mastery Programs)

Golf Mastery www.golfuniversity.tv/golfmasteryprogram

(which includes: all Golf University Skill Mastery Programs)

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