Search 4 Scratch answers the ultimate question of every golfer who has dared to dream! 

How Good Could I Be at Golf if I Had the Best Coaching, Practice, Course Management, & a Champion Mindset?


How low could you go? It’s our aim with Golf University’s Search 4 Scratch Program to help you find the answer.

The Search 4 Scratch Program will test, challenge and identify your golf potential and then coach, inspire and support you to fulfill this potential.

Each Search 4 Scratch Program is for Male or Female A, B or C Grade Golfers who are 100% open minded and committed to their golf improvement. The program is not about getting to scratch (eg a zero handicap) but about identifying what your scratch is (or what your golf goals are) specific to your circumstances and helping you to achieve them and ideally reducing your handicap by 4 shots or better over a 4 month period.

The Search 4 Scratch Program comprises of an online learning / training program component and attending a 5 day golf school within the 4 month program period.

The Search 4 Scratch Programs are designed to immerse you in the ideal golf learning environment – which will enable you to perform like a professional golfer in an intensive training camp environment for the duration of your Search 4 Scratch Program.


The Search 4 Scratch 5 day Golf School includes 40+ hours of Skill Based, Mindset, Course Management and Playing Related Coaching and will cover:

Short Game Lessons, including

  • The fundamental Chipping and Bunker Mastery Techniques – that will become the corner stone of your Chipping and Bunker ability,
  • How to choose the right clubs so you can judge and control your Chipping and Bunker distance
  • How to vary your ball flights so you can apply them to different playing conditions on the golf course


  • Other Chipping and Bunker Drills that you can use as part of your practice or warm-up routine, like:
  • The Chip n Run
  • The Bump n Run
  • The 10-30 metre Pitch and even…
  • How to Master the Flop Shot


  • We’ll also address tricky lies and how to handle them.

And for your Putting you will learn;

  • How to read uphill, downhill and breaking greens more effectively 
  • How to putt with better speed and distance control so that you never 3-putt ever again!

Long Game Lessons, including

  • An In Depth Swing Assessment
  • A Fundamental Set-Up Technique Lesson for the Driver, the Woods and Irons.
  • How to Vary Your Ball Flights with Each Club (such as the Hitting the ball High, Low and with a Draw and Fade), so you can apply them to different playing conditions on the golf course

Plus we’ll also address:

  • How to Eliminate a Slice and/or a Hook

Course Management / Scoring Lessons and how it will improve your scores without needing to lengthen your drives or spend hours on the driving range

Mindset Coaching Lessons so you can learn to play within yourself but achieve much greater results from your golf game!

You will also learn and perform:

  • Specific practice drills designed to fast track your improvement and that you can use as part of your practice routine once you leave the golf school.


  • After the lessons each day, you will have a 9-18 hole on-course Playing Lesson on the idyllic natural bushland surrounds of Riverside Oaks Golf Resort’s two Championship Golf Courses


  • We’ll conclude the week with by playing an 18 hole fun tournament with a twist! 

A maximum 4 students per coach at any time!


Meet Your Coaches

Andrew McCombe (BPhEd)


Andrew “Mirror” McCombe is the CEO of Golf University.

Andrew has a Bachelor of Physical Education degree from Otago University in New Zealand and is a former athlete (representing both Australia and New Zealand), personal trainer, author, speaker and business coach and is now the recognised Producer, Director, Presenter and CEO of Golf Getaway – Australia’s (and possibly the world’s) only Golf Travel Television Show.

“I am passionate about golf and co-creating programs with some of the world’s best players, coaches and experts to help golfers of all levels increase their golfing consistency, performance and enjoyment.”

Lawrie Montague – Golf Coach


Lawrie Montague is the former Australian National Women’s Team coach and has also coached tens of thousands of amateur as well as world top ten players.

Lawrie is currently the co-coach of the Indonesian Golf Team and is also the co-director of the Pro Tour Golf College at Joondalup Golf Resort in Perth and Indonesia.

“I’ve never met an amateur golfer who couldn’t significantly improve their game as long as they receive golf instruction that is communicated to them in their favoured learning style.”

Golf School Dates / Times:

Monday-Friday 28 November – 2 December 2016


7am Welcome Breakfast and Briefing

8.30am Skill Assessments, Short Game Lesson

12.30pm Lunch with coaches

1.30 pm Playing Lesson / Round of Golf

5.30pm Daily Evaluation and Statistics

6.30pm Dinner with coaches

7.30pm Mindset Coaching Session


7am Breakfast

8am Short Game Drills / Challenge

9am Full Swing Lesson

12pm Lunch with coaches

1 pm Playing Lesson / Round of Golf

5.30pm Daily Evaluation and Statistics

6.30pm Dinner with coaches

7.30pm Mindset Coaching Session


7am Breakfast

8am Long Game Drills / Challenge

9am Short Game Lesson

12pm Lunch with coaches

1 pm Playing Lesson / Round of Golf

5.30pm Daily Evaluation and Statistics

6.30pm Dinner with coaches

7.30pm Mindset Coaching Session


7am Breakfast

8am Short Game Drills / Challenge

9am Long Game Lesson

12pm Lunch with coaches

1 pm Playing Lesson / Round of Golf

5.30pm Daily Evaluation and Statistics

6.30pm Dinner with coaches

7.30pm Mindset Coaching Session


7am Breakfast

8am Short and Long Game Lesson

11am Lunch with coaches

11.30am 18 Hole Fun Tournament with a Twist

4pm Daily Evaluation and Statistics

5pm Students Depart

Golf Course:

Riverside Oaks Golf Resort


Riverside Oaks Golf Resort is Sydney’s only 36 hole championship golf resort set amongst 587 acres of pristine Australian bushland overlooking the magnificent Hawkesbury River and only a short 60 minute drive north west of Sydney.


Riverside Oaks Golf Resort, 74 O’Briens Rd, Cattai NSW 2756

Package Options:

All packages include 40+ hours of Skill Based, Mindset, Course Management and Playing Related Coaching, which comprises of:

  • A Welcome Breakfast
  • 1 x Putting, Chipping, Bunker and Pitching Assessment Session
  • 1 x Iron and Driving Skill Assessment Session
  • 5 x 3 hour Lessons each day
  • 3 x 1 hour Practice Drills / Skill Challenge Session
  • 4 x 9-18 hole on-course Playing Lessons
  • Final day 18 hole Tournament with a twist
  • 4 x Mindset Coaching Sessions
  • Use of Motorised Cart each day
  • Use of Practice Facilities / Range Balls
  • Personal access to your Head Golf Coach and Mindset Coach during the entirety of the golf school
  • Email and Private Facebook Group access to your Head Golf Coach and Mindset Coach during the entirety of your Search 4 Scratch Program
  • Lifetime Access to Champion Mindset / Hypnosis Audios 
  • Lifetime Access to all 15 Golf University Skill Based Video Programs (250+ golf video lessons)
  • A Search for Scratch Playing Shirt and Hat
  • A one year membership to our Golf Statistics Program

Option 1: Search 4 Scratch 4 month Program (no Accommodation)

$3300 ($3000 Early Bird Special if paid before 5pm on Friday November 11, 2016)

Option 2: Search 4 Scratch 4 month Program (Single Accommodation in Deluxe Room including Cooked Breakfast)

$3300 plus $180 per room night

Option 3: Search 4 Scratch 4 month Program (Twin Share Accommodation in Deluxe Room, including Cooked Breakfast per person)

$3300 plus $200 per room night

How to Register:

Download the Registration Form Here and email to or post to Golf University at PO Box 1229, Manly, NSW, Australia 1655

For other enquiries contact 1300 886 127

Frequently Asked Questions

1)      Do I need an official handicap to participate? No – the emphasis of the golf schools / tournaments is on learning (more than the tournament itself  – which is more about keeping you focused on what you have learned and playing on great golf courses) so you do not need an official handicap – If you do not have a handicap we will make one up for you for the tournament.

2)      I have only just started playing golf recently, can I still register and will the golf schools be relevant to me? Absolutely the workshops are all about learning and growing as a golfer and all tuition will be applicable to all levels – we will also aim to match you up with playing partners of similar playing ability in the tournament.

3)      What is your wet weather policy? The golf schools will go ahead regardless of weather (so bring wet weather gear) but if the course is unplayable for the tournament component the golf course / resort will usually give a credit to either play the course at a later date / or a refund – depending on the terms and conditions of the course being played. *Because each course is different and if you are still concerned please ask at the time of booking and we will finalise the weather policy with the course at the time.

4)      What is the ratio of coaches  to students? 4 students to 1 coach.

5)      What if I am a member at the golf course you are running the golf school(s) – do I have to pay for the green fee component? Usually the golf course will refund the golf rounds component (minus golf cart – depending on their memberships arrangement) – please ask at the time of booking if you are a member and we will check with the golf course and then invoice you appropriately.

6)      What happens if the golf school / tournament is cancelled? Obviously our intent is for the golf school(s) never to be cancelled but if we do not get the forecasted numbers (or there are any unforeseen circumstances) we will make a call atleast 7 days prior to the golf school. It is highly recommended that all participants organize Travel Insurance to cover any air fare or accommodation bookings relating to the golf schools and we would refund any golf school or green fees (depending on the golf courses terms and conditions) – if you have any concerns please enquire at the time of your booking.

7) Once i have registered and paid how do I get access to my video lessons and statistics program? We will email your access details once you have registered.

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