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Pinpoint Chipping, Pitching, Bunker & Putting Accuracy, Distance, and Consistency will Get You Closer to the Hole Every Time! 

IMAGINE... pitching your ball so close to the pin, you’ll get a "gimme" on almost every hole!

IMAGINE... chipping it in from the fringe - effortlessly, like a pro!

IMAGINE... being able to get out of the bunker first time, every time ...and within a one putt distance from the hole!

IMAGINE... knowing the correct line and speed of your putts free of anxiety and doubt and...

IMAGINE... shaving 10 strokes off your game without even worrying about lengthening your drives!

Well it's time to stop imagining because the secret is in your short game - around the greens.

Now imagine doing all this without hiring a teaching pro... without using a swing trainer ...and without spending endless hours on the range!

Golf University in conjunction with some of Australia's leading players and teaching professionals have created a Short Game solution that will build greater Consistency and Confidence in your game - it's called the Short Game Mastery Program and it's the secret to your Pin-Point Accuracy, Control and Consistency with your Chipping, Pitching, Putting and Bunker Play. The Short Game Mastery Program is a collection of 4 of our most successful skill mastery programs, with over eighty "how to" instructional videos, designed to improve your short game in days - not years - and includes: The Chipping Mastery Program, The Pitching Mastery Program, The Bunker Mastery Program and the Putting Mastery Program.

Golf_University_Chipping_Mastery_Program_Image_Ipad_Final_1920x1080_resizedpitching mastery


The Chipping Mastery Program To help take your Chipping to a whole new level we have enlisted the support of PGA Tour and One Asia Order of Merit Winner -Andre Stolz. Golf_University_Andre_Stolz_photo3-resized again Andre is one of Australia's most popular professional golfers, is a regular guest on the Golf Getaway television show and is the resident touring pro at Golf University. Andre has played and won 10 events worldwide on the PGA Tour of Australasia, European, Japan, Nationwide, PGA and One Asia Tours, including winning the 2004 Michelin Championship in Las Vegas, the Thailand Open, Indonesia PGA and was the 2011 One Asia Order of Merit winner. Now we've turned the camera on him and he'll share his secrets about how he mastered the very delicate art of chipping his way to his victories. Golf_University_Chipping_Mastery_Program_Image_Ipad_Final_1920x1080_resized The Chipping Mastery Program, includes: The 7-Step Chipping Mastery Technique Video that will become the corner stone of your chipping technique, 7 Chipping Drill Videos that you can use as part of your practice or warm-up routine, like the:

  • The Chip n Run
  • The Bump n Run
  • The 10-30 metre Pitch and even...
  • How to Master the Flop Shot

9 Bonus Videos to help you with those "tricky" lies, such as chipping:

  • On an up slope,
  • On a down slope,
  • In a fluffy lie,
  • A tight lie and even...
  • Over water

…and so much more button-blueThe Pitching Mastery Program To add greater consistency and control to your Pitching we have enlisted the support of Director of Instruction at the world famous Kingston Heath Golf Club - Matt Cleverdon. matt cleverdon Matt is the former Victorian PGA Teaching Professional of the Year, head of the Matt Cleverdon Golf Academy in Chengdu China and coach at Golf University. pitching mastery The Pitching Mastery Program includes: The Pitching Mastery Technique Video that you can use as the corner stone to your pitching technique, 11 Pitching Skill Videos that you can use as part of your practice or warm up routine, like Pitching:

  • To an uphill green
  • How to create spin and
  • How to control your flight

2 Pitching System Videos so you can take the guess work out of how hard to hit the ball and which clubs to be using to get the right distance for you. Plus Bonus Videos to help you with those "tricky" lies, such as Pitching

  • On a down slope
  • From under a tree
  • From the rough and even...
  • How to overcome the pitching shanks

As well as... 4 Pitching Practice Plan Videos so you have a structure to follow that will maximize the effect of your practice. ...and so much more


The Bunker Mastery Program bunker mastery Matt Cleverdon will also be your coach for the Bunker Mastery Program, which includes: The Bunker Mastery Technique Video that you can use as the corner stone to your Bunker technique, More than 10 Bunker Skill Videos that you can use as part of your practice or warm up routine, like:

  • How to create spin
  • How to control your distance and flight and even
  • What to do when you have no green to work with

Plus Bonus Videos to help you with those "tricky" lies, such as:

  • Plugged Lies
  • Wet Packed Sand Lies
  • No Sand Lies
  • One Foot in One Foot Out Lies and
  • Downhill Lies

As well as... The best way to play out of Fairway bunkers with irons and fairway woods ...and so much more button-blueThe Putting Mastery Program To help you become a master putter we have enlisted the help of two-time Australian PGA Teacher of the Year - Mark Gibson. Mark Gibson Mark is the director of Mark Gibson's Exceptional Golf Centre at RACV Royal Pines and coach at Golf University. putting-mastery The Putting Mastery Program includes: The Putting Mastery Technique Video that you can use as the corner stone to your Putting technique 8 Putting Drill Videos that you can use as part of your practice or warm up routine, like:

  • The Ladder Drill
  • The 3 foot Drill
  • The 6 Foot Drill
  • The Gate Drill and
  • The Narrow Hole drill

so that you never miss those 3-6 foot putts ever again! More than 15 Bonus Videos to help you with those "tricky" lies, such as Putting:

  • From off the green
  • Over a Spine
  • On a Snaking Green
  • Breaking Greens
  • Uphill and Downhill Greens

Plus... A green reading video on how to effectively evaluate the different stages of a putt. …and so much more Remember: You'll get lifetime access to over 80 videos for less than you'd pay for a lesson with the average golf pro! Plus we'll also give you...

  • Access to over 65 Episodes of Golf Getaway - imagine watching shows at Royal Melbourne, Kingston Heath, Bonville, Hamilton Island, Cape Kidnappers, and Fiji’s famous Natadola Bay to name a few plus...Bonus content not shown on TV
  • Pre-Launch Discounts on all of our Golf University Programs - such as the Iron, Driving, Hybrids, Shot Shaping, Inner Golf, Tough Shots, Distance, Golf Fitness and Flexibility Mastery Video Programs created with some of Australia's and the world's leading golf and performance coaches.
  • Member only invites and discounts on Golf University Skill Mastery Workshops and...
  • Member only invites and discounts on Golf Getaway Tours and amazing Golf Courses

We've been told we’re CRAZY to give away so much for so little. But as you'll see, it's all worth it to help make YOU a better golfer! And at Golf University that's our mission and our passion. short game mastery The Short Game Mastery Program is accessible on the Internet, on your Personal Computer, iPad / Tablet and/or Smartphone, which means you can watch the videos at home, the office or even at the golf course, 24 hours a day - 7 days a week. Think of Golf University's Short Game Mastery Program as like having your own Personal Golf Pro!

But you have to act fast!

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A set of 3 Callaway MD3 Milled Wedges valued at over $650


But you have to act fast!

Mastering your Short Game has never been so easy or rewarding

Usually $197

Special Launch Price

only $97

button-blueFinally you've found the solution to increasing the Consistency, Control and Confidence with your Chipping, Pitching, Bunkers and Putting - its called the Short Game Mastery Program.

Here's what some of our students are saying...

"I'm ecstatic...Not only can I get on the green more often but I am finally able to hit the ball to within a one putt distance atleast 50% of the time and my scores are starting to reflect this improvement!'- John S

"My friends wonder what I have been doing to improve my short game - they can't believe the change. For someone who was terrified of bunkers and who would often putt from off the green I can honestly say that my sand wedge is now one of the more reliable clubs in my bag... I'm getting a lot closer to the hole more than I ever thought possible - it's amazing how having such simple systems to follow have helped in such a short time frame." - Karen A