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Like thousands of other golfers, you rate your Distance as the weakest part of your golf game.

You are certainly not alone…

Like the thousands of other golfers you probably get angry, frustrated &/or disappointed when your Distance costs you too many shots per round & ultimately keeps your scores & handicap higher than you know they should be.

The good news is – there is a very simple solution…

Golf University in conjunction with PGA Teacher of the Year, Grant Field and Internationally Renowned Strength & Conditioning Coach, Alani “Storm” Mala, have created the Free 3 Part Distance Mastery Video Series that is designed specifically to increase the distance you get from your golf swing!

The Distance Mastery Video Series will teach you:

  • How to improve Your Swing Technique and Sequencing to maximize the quality and timing of your ball contact
  • How to increase the Strength, Power and Flexibility of your body to enhance the distance from your golf swing, which will ultimately…
  • Lower your Scores – and make you a more consistent and confident golfer.

To Access the Distance Mastery Video Series, fill in your details below & you can watch video one immediately!

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