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Like thousands of other golfers, you rate your Inner Game of Golf as the weakest part of your golf game.

You are certainly not alone…

Like the thousands of other golfers you probably get angry, frustrated &/or disappointed when your Inner Game costs you too many shots per round & ultimately keeps your scores & handicap higher than you know they should be.

Like the other golfers I am sure you are easily distracted by your playing partners, a tricky lie and the toughness of the golf course which usually causes a bad shot or a bad outcome from your shot…and these distractions then lead to negative thoughts and emotions which can often ruin your score and effect your overall enjoyment of golf on a day to day basis?

It’s crazy right – You know you can play good golf but for some reason your concentration and focus seem to sabotage you from playing to the best of your ability on a consistent basis.

The good news is – there is a very simple solution…

Golf University in conjunction with Asian Golf Teacher of the Year, Lawrie Montague, have created the Free Inner Golf Mastery Video that will help you become more Confident, Consistent and in Control of your Inner Game of golf – so that you can start to fulfill your playing potential and enjoy your golf a lot more.

The Inner Golf Mastery Video will teach you:

  • A simple yet very powerful (and often overlooked) solution that will allow you to feel more comfortable with every shot you play on the golf course,
  • A solution that will have you playing within yourself but achieving lower scores – more consistently and all so you can…
  • Be more Confident, Consistent & in Control of your Inner Game of Golf whilst allowing you to fulfill your playing potential & enjoy your golf a lot more!

To Access the Inner Golf Mastery Video, fill in your details below & you can watch the video immediately!

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