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Like thousands of other golfers you are comfortable with your basic golf swing and the results it gives you but would like to add some variation to your golf game but you rate your current Shot Shaping ability as the weakest part of your golf game.

You are certainly not alone…

Like the thousands of other golfers you probably get angry, frustrated &/or disappointed when your inability to shape shots costs you too many shots per round & ultimately keeps your scores & handicap higher than you know they should be.

Are you are sick of getting blocked by doglegs, trees, out of bounds or hazards and want to know how to shape the ball around them once and for all?

Well…the good news is – there is a very simple solution…

Golf University in conjunction with three of our coaches, two-time PGA Teacher of the Year, David Milne, and PGA Teachers of the Year Grant Field & Matt Cleverdon have created the Free 3 Part Shot Shaping Mastery Video Series that will build greater consistency, confidence and variation in your game.

The Shot Shaping Mastery Video Series will teach you:

  • A simple set up technique that will allow you to set up for and play a high draw with your driver,
  • How to play your hybrid out of the rough,
  • How to hit your 3 wood or hybrid out of a fairway bunker so you can get closer to the green without ever needing to lay up.

To Access the Shot Shaping Mastery Video Series, fill in your details below & you can watch video one immediately!

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