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Like thousands of other golfers, you rate your Woods & Hybrids as the weakest part of your golf game.

You are certainly not alone…

Like the thousands of other golfers you probably get angry, frustrated &/or disappointed when your Woods & Hybrids cost you too many shots per round & ultimately keeps your scores & handicap higher than you know they should be.

The good news is – there is a very simple solution…

Golf University in conjunction with PGA Teacher of the Year, Grant Field, have created the Free Woods & Hybrids Mastery that will build greater Consistency & Confidence in your game & it’s the secret to your Pin-Point Accuracy, Control & Consistency with your Woods & Hybrids.

The Woods & Hybrids Mastery Video will teach you:

  • The right stance, grip, ball position & technique for your Woods & Hybrids
  • How to hit your Woods & Hybrids with more accuracy,
  • How to get more distance with your Woods & Hybrids,
  • How to get better Contact, Direction and Distance so that you feel more confident, consistent and in control of your Woods & Hybrids and ultimately have less shots per rounds.

To Access the Woods & Hybrids Mastery Video, fill in your details below & you can watch the video immediately!

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