2 Golf Improvement Gifts for the Price of 1 this Christmas

By December 23, 2019Blog, Golf

I want to wish you & your family a very merry Christmas this festive season & I hope the golf gods are good to you over the break – wherever you are playing.

It’s been our privilege bringing you high quality golf instruction in 2019 & we aim to provide even better content in 2020.

If you are struggling with any last minute gift ideas we’d love to give you (or any other passionate golfers you know) the gift of golf improvement this Christmas with our Search 4 Scratch Program at www.Search4Scratch.tv/Search4ScratchProgram

We’re feeling so generous we’ll give you 2 programs for the price of 1 – plus if you’re one of the first 10 golfers to join our revolutionary program we’ll give you a complimentary coaching session, valued at $197

This program would be perfect for you, if you feel like you have reached a stage in your golf, where:

  • You Feel Like You Have Tried Everything to Improve but Nothing Seems to Work?
  • You Don’t Know How to Practice Effectively to Get the Maximum Results from Your Time Available?
  • You get Frustrated with Yourself as You Know what You’re Capable of but just Can’t Seem to Deliver?
  • You are Punishing or Self-Berating Yourself or…You have a High Expectation of Yourself and as soon as you Don’t Perform Your Inner Critic Jumps in and Berates You for Being a #&%@#$%?
  • You have Way Too Many Swing (or other Non-Golf Related) Thoughts before Each Shot?
  • Your Mental and Emotional State is Ruining Your Golf Rounds and Your Enjoyment and You Don’t Know What to Do About it?
  • You have Challenges like the Shanks, the Yips, the First Tee Jitters or Mid and/or Late Round Fade Outs?
  • You are not Improving as Fast as You Would Like…or Worse…
  • You are Losing Your Passion for the Game…or Maybe…
  • You are Contemplating Giving Up the Game Altogether!

If You Are Like Most Other Golfers

  • You have Tried that Many Different Coaches, Teachers, Tips and/or Programs and You are Simply Confused and You Want to Bring Your Golf Back to the Simple, Fun and Enjoyable Game it was when you Started…Not to Mention…
  • It seems Every Instructor wants to mould you into Rory Mcilroy, Adam Scott or Jason Day – but You Play off 20 and You’ll Never Play Like These Guys and it Only Makes You Feel Inadequate, Confused and Frustrated…Or Simply…
  • You have a Deeper Inner Calling that Just Says You Need to Do Something Different!

If this sounds like you then visit www.Search4Scratch.tv/Search4ScratchProgram and if you’re one of the first 10 golfers to join our revolutionary program we’ll give you a complimentary coaching session, valued at $197

Lower Your Handicap by 4 Shots or More in 3 Months or Less?

Become a Member of our Search 4 Scratch Program and you’ll soon feel more Confident, Consistent and In Control of your game every time you play on the golf course… and ultimately you’ll also lower your handicap by 4 shots or more in 3 months or less! 

For more information and to join visit www.Search4Scratch.tv/Search4ScratchProgram

Until next time… 

To the green in regulation! 

Andrew “Mirror” McCombe .

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