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Get Better At Golf Without Lessons or Practice

By September 7, 2019Blog, Golf

In this bonus Golf University Lesson I guide Mark a new Search 4 Scratch Program member through one of our revolutionary Search 4 Scratch processes to help him experience first hand why golf is an inner (mental / emotional) game as opposed to an outer (physical) game, which is so often taught by so many golf instructors / teachers.

Mark (like a lot of golfers) has tried every coaching lesson, watched every YouTube video and (as he admits) brought almost every DVD and Training Aid in a bid to improve his golf.

But no matter what he does… Nothing seems to work! Until now…

If you are struggling to improve your golf and no matter what you try nothing seems to be working for you then I strongly encourage you to listen to every word of this revolutionary lesson.

If the lesson resonates with you and you feel you have a deep rooted challenge that you just cant seem to shake then I am offering ten lucky golfers the opportunity to have a complementary 30 minute coaching session (similar to Mark’s), valued at $197, with me.

To qualify you must watch the full lesson and leave a like and a comment below the lesson at https://youtu.be/wwwGV50WdqU, you must also subscribe to the Golf University YouTube Channel HERE and the Golf Getaway YouTube Channel HERE and you must allow us to share your session with our Golf University subscribers (Note: you will remain anonymous) and your session will also inspire other golfers struggling with similar challenges.

Once you have followed the criteria above go HERE and fill in your details and if you are one of the lucky 10 golfers selected, we will arrange a coaching session (on the phone) in the next week or so. 

You can watch this lesson below or go to https://youtu.be/wwwGV50WdqU

fairway bunkers

Lower Your Handicap by 4 Shots or More in 3 Months or Less?

Become a Member of our Search 4 Scratch Program and you’ll soon feel more Confident, Consistent and In Control of your game every time you play on the golf course… and ultimately you’ll also lower your handicap by 4 shots or more in 3 months or less! 

For more information and to join visit www.Search4Scratch.tv/Search4ScratchProgram

Until next time… 

To the green in regulation! 

Andrew “Mirror” McCombe .

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