Sick of Being Stuck in the Bunker? This Lesson Will Help

By July 16, 2019Blog, Golf

Are you sick of getting stuck in bunkers because you don’t know the correct technique to help you to get out of them?

Would you like to stop feeling embarrassed and start improving your scores and your handicap because you can get out of the bunker first time, every time? 

Of course you would… we all would.

As part of this Golf University “Tip from the Pro” I videoed Golf University’s head coach, Lawrie Montague at Bali National Golf Club, in Bali, Indonesia, where he teaches us:

  • The best technique to use to hit out of a bunker – especially when there’s deep sand and a steep face.
  • The 2 most important (yet most misunderstood) aspects of any bunker shot
  • The real reason why we should open the club face when in a bunker


  • The absolutely critical element of the bunker shot swing we need to perform – especially when we are adding more loft to the club face

Which will ultimately…

  • Allow us to feel more confident, consistent & in control of our bunker shots.

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