Golf Getaway at Victoria Golf Club

By December 27, 2019Blog, Golf

In this episode of Golf Getaway, Andrew “Mirror” McCombe and Shaun “Fade” Fay play and review Victoria Golf Club, in Melbourne, Australia, home to some of Australia’s greatest – including probably our best ever 5 times British Open Winner…Peter Thomson.

This is a golf course dripping with an intriguing history, fascinating characters and endless stories of victory and despair.

It was co-designed by the world acclaimed Doctor Alistair McKenzie and is rated in Australia’s top 10.

In this episode, Mirror and Fade will…

Check out this amazing course with over 190 bunkers

  • Have a unique nearest the pin competition with Olympic Softballer Natalie Titcume
  • Speak to Australian PGA Life Member Brian Simpson about the amazing history of the course, and…
  • Find out how Victoria Golf Club is returning to it’s over one hundred year old roots.

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Until next time… 

To the green in regulation! 

Andrew “Mirror” McCombe .

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