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How To Eliminate The Chipping & Pitching Shanks

By December 21, 2016December 18th, 2020Blog, Golf

When a golfer shanks their ball, they hit it incorrectly, sending the shot flying off in a random direction. The shanks can be aggravating and embarrassing, but it can be alleviated.

As part of Golf University’s weekly “Tip from the Pro” I videoed Lawrie Montague the former Australian Women’s coach and co-coach of the Indonesian Team at Joondalup Golf Resort, in Perth, Australia, where he teaches us:

  • The key factors that cause golfers to shank
  • How keeping your club in front of you eliminates shanking


  • The easiest exercise you can do to improve your swing

Which will ultimately…

  • Prevent you from shanking whenever you’re pitching or chipping the ball.

To watch the “Tip from the Pro” click the Play Button in the video below.

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Until next week

To the green in regulation!

Andrew “Mirror” McCombe

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