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As CEO of Golf University I’m constantly exposed to a lot of great information from world class golf coaches and because of this I’m often asked by social golfers about the number one piece of advice that would help them improve their game.

Obviously there is more than one way to skin a cat – so rather than giving my thoughts on any specific mental, physical and technical tips I prefer to ask them the following five questions.

If implemented correctly these five questions will help anyone with their golf improvement, regardless of their playing ability.

Here are the questions:

1) What is my PURPOSE for playing golf?

It’s a simple question but have you ever really thought about it?

Why do you play golf?

Is it for fun, is it for the travel, is it for social interaction with your friends, is it to meet new friends, is it for a competitive outlet, is it for personal mastery, is it as a potential career path, or is it a combination of some or all of them?

Are you clear on the main reason WHY you play golf?

If you’re clear on your WHY then it will make planning your improvement a whole lot easier and a lot more purposeful because all of your actions can then be aligned towards achieving your main purpose for playing golf in the first place.

If your actions are in alignment with this purpose you’ll improve by default – not to mention reduce any unnecessary frustration along the way.

Once you’re clear on your golf purpose it‘s time to ask yourself the following question:

2) What is my VISION for playing golf specific to my PURPOSE?

Or put more simply – If I’m playing golf in alignment with my purpose – what would my golf vision look like?

For example:

If your main reason for playing golf is to have fun – most elements of your practice, playing, travelling, socialising etc will be geared towards having fun – whatever that looks like for you.

If your purpose for playing golf is to travel – most of your focus will be around organizing trips away to new courses and golf regions.

If your purpose for playing golf is to socialise or meet new friends – most of your focus will be around playing with friends, in different groups each week or even joining social golf groups etc.

If your purpose for playing golf is to lower your handicap, for personal mastery or as a career path – most of your focus will be around doing whatever it takes to be in alignment with that purpose, such as finding a coach and creating a practice plan etc.

And remember…

If your purpose is to have fun, travel and meet new friends but you find yourself getting angry with bad shots, or missing fairways / greens / putts or with your handicap not falling as fast as you’d like – don’t look at your golf skills – look at your purpose for playing golf and aim to bring your focus and planning back towards your purpose and your golf will improve by default.

Once you are clear on your Purpose and your Vision it’s important to then take specific action towards achieving your vision, therefore;

3) What ACTIONS will I need to take to achieve my golf vision?

For this question simply list all of the most productive and purposeful actions required (in the order you will need to action them) to achieve your golf vision.

With any action planning process it’s important to set a date or a deadline within which you will complete the actions, therefore once you have listed these actions ask yourself;

4) WHEN do I want to have completed these actions?

It’s also important to note that your time frame must be achievable because if it isn’t it will only lead to disappointment which can reduce your motivation and effect the success of your golf vision.

A deadline will also build positive energy and greater commitment so that your vision is not just a dream that drifts along with no end in sight.

Once your action plan has been created and you’ve set your deadlines for achievement it’s time to add rocket fuel to your golf vision by asking;

5) What SUPPORT can I enlist to help me achieve my Golf Vision?

Having the right support will not only fast track the achievement of your vision but will also provide you with alternatives view points and motivational support if and when your vision reaches a plateau.

Support can come in many forms and will be relevant to your specific golf vision but could include:

  • Reading, watching or listening to Books, Videos and Audios from your preferred coaches or mentors, for example the Golf University Skill Mastery Programs at,
  • Practicing or playing with family or friends on a regular basis,
  • Getting a one on one or group coaching session with a PGA Pro or a Personal Trainer, or
  • Attending a Golf University Workshop / Tournament to get an intensive few days or golf learning and development at

So if you are ready to have your best golf year ever – have a really good think about the five questions mentioned above and take purposeful action to make them a reality.

In doing so I’m sure you will never look at your golf the same way again and ultimately your game will improve in no time!


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Until next episode

To the green in regulation!

Andrew “Mirror” McCombe

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