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The Golf Backswing Made EASY

By July 23, 2019Blog, Golf

In this Golf University video lesson, head coach Lawrie Montague shares his 30+ years of golf coaching knowledge to help solve one of our Search 4 Scratch member’s biggest golfing challenges, (his Golf Backswing) which will ultimately help your golf game in the process.

Today’s member is John who plays off an 18 handicap & wants to play off 6.

John is having challenges with his golf backswing (he is getting laid off the plane and it’s effecting his shot making) & it’s getting so bad he is considering giving up golf. 

The good news is this is not an uncommon problem & in this lesson Lawrie shares a great drill that can apply to all golfers when it comes to improving the quality & consistency of the golf swing. 

If you’d like Lawrie & I to film a video lesson for you to help you overcome your biggest golfing challenge simply comment on the following video with your questions & subscribe to the Golf University YouTube channel.

You can watch this lesson below or go to https://youtu.be/GnMpgh1Wyks


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Golf Backswing Made Easy

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